Addlestone Moor

Sustrans National Cycle Route 4 runs through Addlestone Moor and because of that there’s an automatic cycle traffic counter installed there.

It was installed by Surrey County Council in October 2003 on the little bit of cycle path that connects Woburn Hill with Addlestone Moor not far from the Fire Station.

So we know how many cyclists pass this point every day in each direction.

In summary, for 2008 there were on average 115 cyclists per day that used that bit of cycle path.

The figures for the last five years are:

Year Trips change
2004 79 ~
2005 94 +19%
2006 121 +29%
2007 161 +33%
2008 115 -28%

We can see that the general trend is upwards although 2008 has seen a reversal of that. The weather for 2008 was generally a bit wetter and colder, and a bit less sunny so perhaps that is responsible for the downturn. There’s no other obvious reason.

For comparison here’s the weather summary for this period compared to the average weather for the previous 30 years.

Year Rainfall Rainy days Temperature Sunshine
2004 -3% +4 +0.8°C +1%
2005 -21% -13 +0.7°C +7%
2006 +1% +2 +1.2°C +9%
2007 +9% +2 +1.0°C +10%
2008 +10% +8 +0.4°C +5%

The raw data is available here as an XML document if you want to use it for any purpose.

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