Bikes on Trains Petition

Sign this petition if you think that the railways should make better provision for bicycles on trains:

And if you sign it, pass on the link to at least two other people.

West End Congestion Charge Zone

Boris Johnson has committed to scrapping the western extension to the congestion charge zone.

This is bad news for the environment, bad news for public transport, bad news for Londoner’s health and bad news for cyclists.

On the other hand it is good news for, um, traffic jams and … well, nothing else really.

Well done Boris.

Xcel Cycle Route

A new signed cycle route has been created linking Xcel Leisure Centre in Walton and Hersham railway station.

Details of the route can be viewed here [pdf].

Strategically this route is excellent. At the Xcel end it also connects to National Cycle Route 4 which helps to build a network of usable routes.

I’ve not cycled the route since it has been signed but there are two parts of it which I’m a little surprised about. Firstly, at the Xcel end the route follows Waterside Drive and then about half a mile of the busy Terrace Road (A3050). To me it would have been much more logical to take the route along the path by the river and then up Sunbury Lane. This is much more pleasant and avoids travel along Terrace Road.

I can only think this route was chosen because it passes the Primary School on Terrace Road. While this is laudible, I’m not sure it’s logical.

At the Hersham end the route follows Walton Park. Parallel to this is Walton Park Lane which connects to a footway. This is a much quieter car-free route that is equally direct. It’s my usual choice when I travel this way.

I suspect this is one of those decisions that was influenced by local NIMBY residents who didn’t want bikes whizzing along their quiet little footpath.

Mass Cycle Rally


To highlight Surrey’s unsafe roads

26th October 2008
at 2pm

Duration approx. 1hour

Start / end

If possible, please bring your helmet, something Hi-viz,
your voice or a whistle and as many people as you can muster on two

KT Thirteen café in Oatlands Village have kindly offered
10% discount off all purchases on the day.

See you there.