Easter Sunday Egg Hunt - 16th April 2017

This weekend is our annual Easter Sunday Egg Hunt (SWIDT).

Starting from the Hand & Spear at Weybridge Station at 10am on Sunday our Egg Hunt will take you on a tour of the area looking for eggs. In teams of two or three cyclists, and using a map and a clue sheet you will have 2 hours to find as many answers as possible.

You can ride in a team of two or three. Don't worry if you don't already have a buddy to ride with, you can be paired up with someone suitable at the start. There will be no fixed route, but expect to cycle around 20 miles or so.

The start will be at the usual place, outside the Hand and Spear pub near Weybridge Station at 10am. You will finish back at the same place by about noon. There may well be prizes for a good performance.

If you want to come, just turn up.

The next ride after this will be on Sunday 7th May at 10am. Note, this is the first Sunday in May not our usual second Sunday of the month.