Bike Ride - Sunday 12th June

Our ride this Sunday will be to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen. As part of her 90th Birthday celebrations there are lots of street parties organised for this Sunday, including one on the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace. We are not invited but it might be quite a site to see.

We are encouraging people to dress up a bit for this ride. Anything related to royalty would be appropriate - kings, queens, princes, princesses, crowns, tiaras, red, white and blue.

The ride will start at 10:00am outside the Hand & Spear pub near Weybridge Station, and will be about 25 miles.

We will follow the traditional route into London, crossing Bushey Park, Richmond Park, Putney Bridge, Brompton Cemetery and Hyde Park.

The ride will be about 25 miles one way, with the option to take the train back from Waterloo to Weybridge or cycle another 25 miles back after lunch.

The route for the outbound leg is here:

If you want to come on the ride, you can just turn up.

Our next ride will be on Sunday 10th July.

Muddy Lane

The Surrey Countryside Access Group have completed their report on our request for a change of status of Muddy Lane to a bridleway.

Their recommendation is that the footpath should be changed to the status of a bridleway which is what we want.

Their report and recommendations will be presented to the Surrey Planning and Regulatory Committee this Wednesday. However, even if approved at this committee it is likely to go to appeal which will mean public hearings and further delays before we will be able to cycle on Muddy Lane again.