Bike Ride - Sunday 20th April - Third Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The next Elmbridge Cycle Group bike ride will be this Sunday 20th April at 10am. It's Easter Sunday and time for the third annual Easter Egg hunt. I'll explain the full details on the day, but briefly you'll be riding in twos or threes and will need to navigate to various interesting places around the area where there will be some kind of "easter egg" to find. There will be no fixed route, but expect to cycle around 15 to 20 miles or so depending on how many short-cuts you know or can find. The start will be at the usual place, outside the Hand and Spear pub near Weybridge Station at 10am. We should finish back at the same place by about 1pm, for a late lunch. If you want to come, just turn up. The next ride after this will be in four weeks time on Sunday 18th May.