Weybridge Station Petition

This is a bit off-topic but if you've every tried to get your bike out of Weybridge station then you'll know that it can be a bit awkward. Peter Harman, ex-councillor of the St George's Hill ward, has started a petition to get the south-side exit ramp reopened at Weybridge Station. You can help by signing the petition on-line by clicking here. It'll only take a minute.

Thursday Evening Bike Ride

The next Thursday Evening bike ride will be this Thursday, July 1st at 6:30pm. We'll start from outside the Hand and Spear at Weybridge Station and explore the off road back routes to New Haw and beyond. The ride should last no more than 2 hours with the possibility of some liquid refreshment at the end. If you want to come along just turn up on Thursday at 6:30pm outside the Hand and Spear. Feedback required! Surrey County Council are proposing a shared use footway from Byfleet and New Haw railway station along Oyster Land and Barnes Wallis Drive to Marks and Spencers and Tesco. There's a map of the proposed route here: I'd like to get some feedback about what people this of this proposal? The kind of things I'm interested in are: * Did you know about it? * Do you use that road? * Is there a need for a shared use path on this road? * Is this the best use of of available funds (£25k)? * Do you have a better idea? * Can you see any technical problems with the proposal (eg very narrow footway under the railway bridge at the Station)? Feedback of any kind would be much appreciated, you can email me by just replying to this message. I'll consolidate all the comments and publish a summary on the Elmbridge Cycle website.

June Bike Ride

This month's Sunday bike ride will be this Sunday 16th 20th at 11:00am. It'll be a short one this time, back by 1pm.

We'll start from outside the Hand and Spear at Weybridge Station. The route will be over Chertsey Bridge towards Shepperton, Littleton, and Charlton and back through Upper Halliford to Walton Bridge, returning to Weybridge Station before 1pm. About 10 miles, 1-1/2 to 2 hours, mainly on-road cycling.

There's been a change of plan. Since the Seven Hills Road closure starts on Sunday I've decided that we should take advantage of this. While there is no traffic Seven Hills Road it's a delightful route that leads to Redhill Road and from there to Telegraph Hill on Chatley Heath. Returning from there through Cobham and either Convent Road or Old Common Road back to Weybridge.

It'll still be a short ride, with no break for lunch, and we'll be back at the Hand and Spear by 1pm.

If you want to come along just turn up on Sunday at 11:00am outside the Hand and Spear.

19th to 27th June is Bike Week and this ride will be part of that. There'll be stickers and ballons and so on. Also check the Bike Week web-site ( for other local events that you might be interested in.

Bike Week

Bike Week is coming up. We have a ride scheduled for June 20, do try to come along to that.

Let us know if you are planning any local events such as a company bike to work day or cycling breakfast.

Summer Cycle Schedule

The summer schedule for cycle rides will be: Sunday 16th May 11am Sunday 20th June 11am (Bike Week) Sunday 18th July 11am Sunday 22nd August 11am Sunday 19th September 11am Thursday 27th May 6:30pm Thursday 1st July 6:30pm Thursday 5th August 6:30pm Thursday 2nd September 6:30pm Thursday 7th October 6:30pm They all start from the Hand and Spear at Weybridge Station. The Sunday rides operate all year round and generally take 3-4 hours including a leisurely stop for lunch at a pub. The Thursday evening rides take place during the Summer months only and are normally about 1.5 to 2 hours. Routes are normally posted here about a week before each ride. Anyone who registers on this web-site will also receive email notifications of each ride. Cyclists of all ages and abilities are welcome and the group will go at a pace that is suitable for everyone in the group. Children under 14 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.
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