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Bikes on Trains Petition

Sign this petition if you think that the railways should make better provision for bicycles on trains: And if you sign it, pass on the link to at least two other people.

West End Congestion Charge Zone

Boris Johnson has committed to scrapping the western extension to the congestion charge zone. This is bad news for the environment, bad news for public transport, bad news for Londoner's health and bad news for cyclists. On the other hand it is good news for, um, traffic jams and ... well, nothing else really. Well done Boris.

Xcel Cycle Route

A new signed cycle route has been created linking Xcel Leisure Centre in Walton and Hersham railway station. Details of the route can be viewed here [pdf]. Strategically this route is excellent. At the Xcel end it also connects to National Cycle Route 4 which helps to build a network of usable routes.

Mass Cycle Rally

To highlight Surrey's unsafe roads

26th October 2008
at 2pm

Duration approx. 1hour

Cyclists take on danger roads

Following the article about Chris Dallas's experience of Elmbridge roads, he has decided to stage a mass cycle rally. The Surrey Herald ran a story about his plans: Surrey Herald.
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