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Bike Ride - Sunday 10th June - Open Garden Squares

In a change to the scheduled programme, our next ride will be this Sunday, 10th June, not next Sunday.

We will be joining an organized cycle ride visiting gardens that are part of Open Garden Squares.

We will meet at the usual location outside the Hand & Spear at Weybridge Station, at 9:00am. That's an hour earlier than normal.

We will ride to East Putney railway station where we will join up with an organized Open Garden Squares cycle ride starting at 10:30. This will visit five gardens on a meandering 15 mile route between Putney and Richmond. More details about the route are here:

The cost for Open Garden Squares is £15 if you buy on-line in advance. You can purchase a ticket on the day but it will be more expensive. Single tickets can be purchased here: Or you can get two for the price of one here:

The total ride distance, starting and finishing in Weybridge will be about 40 miles. We should be back in Weybridge by about 6:30pm.

If you want to come on the ride, you can just turn up but do try to buy a ticket for the gardens in advance.

Our next ride will be on Sunday 8th July.

Egg Hunt - Sunday 1st April 2018

This Sunday, 1st April is our annual Egg Hunt.

Starting from the Hand & Spear at Weybridge Station at 10am on Sunday our Egg Hunt will take you on a tour of the area looking for eggs. In teams of two or three cyclists, and using a map and a clue sheet you will have 3 hours to find as many answers as possible.

You can ride in a team of two or three. Don't worry if you don't already have a buddy to ride with, you can be paired up with someone suitable at the start. There will be no fixed route, but expect to cycle around 20 miles or so.

The start will be at the usual place, outside the Hand and Spear pub near Weybridge Station at 10am. You will finish back at the same place by about noon. There may well be prizes for a good performance.

Last year Hannah and Matt aced it, getting full marks in record time, so this year the clues are going to be even more fiendish and devious, and don't forget it will be April 1st, so keep your wits about you.

If you want to come, just turn up.

The next ride after this will be on Sunday 13th May at 10am.

Bike Ride - Sunday 17th December 2017

Our ride this month is this Sunday 17th December. It's an out and back ride to Kingston, followed by Christmas Lunch at the Jolly Farmer in Weybridge.

The ride will start at 10am outside the Hand and Spear at Weybridge Station. It will end at 1pm at the Jolly Farmer.

If you want to join us for Christmas Lunch you should already have let me know. If you haven't you might still be able to get lunch but you'll have to take your chances.

The full route is here: it's about 35km or about 20 miles, mainly on-road but with a bit of towpath along the river by Hampton Court.

Our next ride will be Sunday 14th January.

Bike Ride and Christmas Lunch - Sunday 17th December

This ride will be followed by our Christmas Lunch. As usual it will be at the Jolly Farmer in Princes Road, Weybridge.

The ride will start at 10am outside the Hand and Spear at Weybridge Station. It will end at 1pm at the Jolly Farmer.

If you would like to come to the Christmas Lunch please let me know by email to by Thursday 30th November so that I can confirm numbers with the restaurant.

Details of the ride route will be sent out, as usual, a few days before the ride. If you just want to come on the ride, but don't want to stay for the Christmas Lunch, then you can just turn up on the day, there is no need to let me know.

Muddy Lane

For those of you that have been following this saga, as expected the Planning Inspectorate have determined that there will be a Local Public Enquiry. This is likely to be held on 22nd/23rd May 2018.

Surrey County Council will be presenting the case for Muddy Lane to be promoted from a footpath to a bridleway which will enable cyclists to use this route that connects Byfleet to Wisley. SCC will be calling for people to speak at the hearing, if you have used Muddy Lane in the past and would like to do this then please let me know and I will forward your details to SCC.

This is hopefully the final step in this process which has been going on for almost 5 years now.

Bike Ride - Sunday 3rd September

Our monthly ride for September is on Sunday 3rd September and we'll be going to Richmond Park.

The ride will start at 10:00am outside the Hand & Spear pub near Weybridge Station, and will be about 25 miles of good going a mix of main roads and a few gravel paths.

From Weybridge we take the direct route to Kingston along the A317 into Esher and the along the Portsmouth Road cycle superhighway into Kingston. After a loop through some back streets we reach the Kingston Gate to Richmond Park. Heading anti-clockwise around the park perimeter we pick up the road that passes the White Lodge and then leads us to Ham Gate. From there it's through Ham to the Thames at Teddington where we will stop at the Anchor for lunch.

From Teddington we will cut across Bushy Park and then through East Moseley, skirting Island Barn reservoir to enter Walton along Rydens Lane. From Walton it's back along Oatlands Avenue to Weybridge.

The full route is here:

The route is on main roads in several places so not recommended for absolute novices. There is a section around Island Barn Reservoir which could be a bit tough going for a road bike, but otherwise the route should be fine for any kind of bike. The total distance will be about 43km, which is a bit over 25 miles.

If you want to come on the ride, you can just turn up.

Our next ride will be on Sunday 8th October.


Many thanks to all those who made a donation to Woking and Sam Beare Hospices in support of my ultra-marathon. The total raised now stands at £1,911.87 which I am delighted about.

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