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This is a £1.4m project, centred around the new Walton Bridge, to provide infrastructure to improve cycle safety.

The selection of parts of the A244 and A3050 around Walton Bridge were chosen based on cycle accident statistics for these roads.

The scheme proposes shared use pedestrian/cycle paths which will connect to existing cycle facilities at either end, and to newly created shared use paths across Walton Bridge. The proposed route passes through Walton-on-Thames town centre which has high pedestrian traffic and is narrow in places.


The proposed scheme is targeted at novice and less confident cyclists by creating shared space with pedestrians in preference to shared space with motor vehicles.

The route, at it's northern end, begins on the A244 where it continues on from an existing on-road cycle lane that originates in Sunbury. The route crosses the very busy Marshalls Roundabout and then passes over Walton Bridge. After the bridge it follows the A3050 through Walton town centre and then Terrace Road towards Molesey where it connects up with a small section of shared-use path that leads to Elmbridge Leisure Centre.

Choice of Route

The route is in two parts, a section of the A244 (the northern half) and part of the A3050 (the eastern half).

The northern half connects a shared use footway with an on-road cycle lane along a dual-carriageway road. The type of cyclist that will use a shared use footway will not be comfortable with on-road cycle lanes. This is like connecting a railway line to the cresta run.

The destination of the on-road cycle lane is Sunbury. This is typically a cycle commuter route. A very different kind of cycle user from that envisaged by this scheme.

This problem can be addressed by connecting the route either into Upper Halliford or Shepperton. This will then incorporate the catchment of these densely populated areas. As it is the scheme bypasses both of these places and connects to an inappropriate type of facility.

The eastern half switches from the A244 to the A3050 and runs along Terrace Road. It connects to an existing segregated cycle lane that is all of 10 metres long. There is a spur to Elmbridge Leisure Centre and a vestigial route to Hersham Station, but no continuation along the A3050.

The eastern half also runs exactly parallel to the existing off-road National Cycle Route 4 along the Thames towpath.

Raised Tables

Church Street Width

Hepworth Way Toucan Crossing


Marshalls Roundabout

New Zealand Avenue Junction

Parked Cars / Door Zones / Pavement Parking

Terrace Road

Gordon Road


Link to Shepperton

Link to Upper Halliford

Link to Hersham Cycle Route

Segregation - Gaston Bridge Road

Green Lane Roundabout

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